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22 March 2012 @ 03:37 pm
[FIC] Atoning for His Sins- 1/1- PG  
Title: Atoning For His Sins
Author: Jourdana Standish
Disclaimer: I own nothing.
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for 1.18 if you have not watched yet.
Summary: Realizing that Siobhan most likely had something to do with what happened to Andrew, he decides that a few truths need to be told.
Author's Notes: I needed to take a break to re-charge in Primeval and Black Jewels, so I decided to write a scene between Henry and Andrew. Probably rather implausible, but I don't think entirely out of the question at the same time based on Henry's reactions to things.


Henry Butler slipped into the seat beside Andrew Martin's bed. His heart clenched as he watched this man he had always called friend. Then he had betrayed him by falling in love with, and carrying on an affair with his wife for a year. Now they were, possibly, expecting twins of their own. But were the children Siobhan carried really Henry's as she claimed? So much was coming to light, he couldn't make heads or tails of the truth. The one thing he did know, was it was time for Andrew to know the truth.

"Henry?" The normally smooth British accent was husky and confused. Henry lifted his head to where Andrew was slowly waking. His eyes were brighter than the last time he'd been to see him, which was a good sign. He knew Andrew was going to be okay, but at least now he knew the man would not think it the drugs talking when he heard what Henry had to say.

"Hey," Henry said. "How are you feeling?"

"Like I've been shot." Despite all the rumors of British humor being dry, Henry had always found Andrew to be quite funny when he could.

"I didn't expect to see you," Andrew said, grimacing as he shifted into a more seated position. "Where's Siobhan?"

Henry actually winced at hearing her name. Despite all he had started to discover, he genuinely did love her. But it was slowly turning to something more bitter and curdling, because the realization was slowly coming that the likelihood was very high that Siobhan had something to do with Gemma's death. And while he had been falling out of love with his wife, a part of him would always still love her. Maybe he hadn't really been falling out of love, because the concern and worry when he walked into their apartment to find her blood all over had terrified and shattered him. So why was he letting Siobhan back in?

"Henry?" Andrew asked.

"I... need to talk to you," Henry said. He leveled a gaze at his friend. "But I need you to just listen. I also need you to know that I know that this will probably ruin our friendship, but the words need to be said. The past can't be changed, but I am so sorry for all of it."

Andrew started to speak, but instead he simply frowned. He closed his mouth, clenching his jaw and finally nodded for Henry to continue, silently making a promise to listen to what Henry had to say.

"It's going to sound outrageous, but what I tell you is true," Henry said. "I know how bad things were for you and Siobhan up until a few months ago, right around when she found out she was pregnant." He looked at Andrew, seeing the dark sorrow that shifted to something more neutral. He had to wonder how much of what Siobhan claimed Andrew did was truly his intent or simply a man desperately angry with a cold, calculating wife.

"I... I have something to admit that I'm ashamed of, but I need you to know something first. It's important you know..." Henry swallowed. It was harder than he expected, telling Andrew the truth.

"It wasn't your wife you were falling back in love with," Henry said. He looked at Andrew again, seeing surprise on his face. "You have fallen in love with her twin, Bridget."

"I know," Andrew said quietly.

It was Henry's turn to look surprised. "What?"

"I know it's Bridget," Andrew said. He shook his head. "Not the whole time, only recently. I had just... I had hoped she would tell me, but it's a secret she insists--."

"She has her reasons," Henry said. "At least I am assuming she does. And she has good reason to."

"And her sister?" Andrew asked.

"Bridget thinks she's dead, but she's... she's staying with me." Andrew's eyebrow arched, the reproachful look Henry was receiving had him shifting in his seat with embarrassment. "First things first... Bridget isn't nearly as troubled as she appeared on police reports. At least not without reason."

"She was a stripper and has a mob boss after her," Andrew said. "Plus she's an addict and alcoh--."

"Recovering," Henry quickly defended. "Listen to your heart, Andrew. You know she's a good woman, she's shown that." He straightened, sighing softly. "I'm pretty sure that everything she's faced, the Bodaway thing, was a set up by Siobhan."

Andrew's eyes widened. "What?" he breathed out.

"Siobhan... had a son," Henry said. "Sean, with her ex, Dylan. Sean... Sean was killed seven years ago. Car accident."

"Was... was Bridget drinking and driving?" Andrew asked quietly.

"No," Henry said easily. "No, she started the drinking and drugs after Sean was killed and after Siobhan shoved her out of her life, blaming her for what happened. Siobhan claims she killed him, that it was her fault."


"But I dug a bit deeper," Henry said. "The only thing Bridget was guilty of was a bad choice to allow Dylan to see Sean after Siobhan told her no. He was driving, but it wasn't even his fault. They were hit in the middle of the road by another car, but Siobhan blames Bridget because if she hadn't let Dylan see his son..."

"He wouldn't have been in the car to be killed," Andrew said. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back with a sigh. "Senseless."

"But Siobhan blames Bridget solely for what happened," Henry said. "She's been carefully planning her revenge all along. And it just so happens to coincide with a way to bring you down too."

Andrew stiffened. "She told you," was all he said.

"Yes, and that you threatened to kill her," Henry said.

"I didn't mean it," Andrew all but groaned. "I was so.. angry. I could never have hurt her, no matter how angry--."

"She has a recording, Andrew," Henry said.

That gave him pause. "What?"

"She has a recording of you threatening to kill her," Henry said. He rose, running his fingers through his dark hair, obviously agitated. "She's... not the woman either of us ever thought we knew."

"You were the latest affair, weren't you?" Andrew asked.

That made Henry pause. He slowly turned, shock radiating off of him. Though considering Tyler, he shouldn't be...

"You knew?"

"That she was not faithful?" Andrew asked. "Yes. And since it was Bridget claiming to miscarry, I can only assume that Siobhan is, in fact, still pregnant?" Henry nodded. "Well I can't be wholly certain that the child--."

"Children," Henry said. "She's having twins and claims they are mine."

"Ah," Andrew said.

"You aren't... angry?" Henry asked, a frown puckering his brow.

"Oh... I'm angry," Andrew said, some of that anger showing in the scoffed laugh he released. "Hurt, betrayed. But not by her, but by you." Henry had the decency to wince at that comment, but it wasn't a facade. He genuinely felt bad for hurting a man he called his friend. What has his life come to that he could be so manipulated that it leads to him betraying a friend? Betraying his wife? And for what? More lies, more deception? He didn't believe, for a moment, that Siobhan had been telling the truth about sending for him. She was going to leave them all in the wind and allow them to grieve if whoever was trying to kill Bridget was successful.

"Latest... so I wasn't the first," Henry said, his bitterness starting to show. He scoffed out a laugh this time, shaking his head. "I should've known."

"Siobhan has a way of drawing men to her," Andrew admitted. "I fault you for allowing her to ensnare you..."

"But?" Henry was hopeful. He had missed the friendship amongst the secrecy.

"We were all plaid for fools, Henry," Andrew said. "But I won't ever forget this betrayal."

"I'm... I'm sorry, Andrew," Henry said. The sincerity was true and Andrew knew he meant it.

"Time has a way of allowing wounds to heal," Andrew admitted. "It's too soon for me to forgive, if I can."

"I understand," Henry said, his voice rough. He did understand. What Henry had done was unforgiveable, but hope wasn't entirely lost.

"Siobhan is doing everything in her power to make Bridget pay for something that was a mere accident," Henry said. "And she's doing it by making it look like you are behind it, effectively making you pay for your crimes."

"My crimes are my own," Andrew admitted. "Foolish as I was to ever think..." He frowned and shook his head. "I can rebuild from it. It will be hard, but if it comes to light, if I can not make things right in time, I can rebuild. Our focus must be on keeping Bridget safe. And Juliet."

"Juliet?" Henry asked.

"Siobhan hates her as well, and I would not put it past her to use Bridget's obvious affections for Juliet against her," Andrew said. "Against us all."

"I want to help," Henry said immediately. "I want to help keep them both safe."

"Why?" Andrew asked.

"Because, despite what I have done, I still consider you a friend," Henry said. "I'm a shitty one, but I consider you one. It hurt like hell to see you falling in love with Siobhan again and she with you, but you've been the happiest I've ever seen you. I admit that I felt glee that it wasn't Siobhan, but it doesn't change that you have been so happy. Bridget... despite all her flaws and the... lie between you... it's something you can work past with her. Because she does make you happy, and you make her happy as well. You both deserve that."

Andrew studied this man, one that claimed friendship. Finally, he offered a half smile. "Thank you for your honesty," he said. "In everything."

"I do want to help," Henry said again.

"Keep Siobhan close," Andrew said. "Act as if you are with her the whole way as much as you can, if you can. The more we know of her plans, the better we can protect Bridget. And we can start to put this behind us."

Henry wouldn't smile, but it was in his eyes. It was as much of an olive branch as Andrew could extend right now. Something was niggling at his mind, so he asked. "How did you find out she's Bridget?"

"Her friend, Malcolm," Andrew said. "I went to talk to him, convince him to leave town so things at Martin Charles were not..." He cleared his throat. "He told me the truth about Bridget. He said I had a right to know who I was really in love with, that she was a good woman who was in over her head. It started with her wanting answers about why her sister committed suicide, but it would appear that Siobhan didn't cover her tracks as well as she thought. Now she wants answers as to what Siobhan was up to."

"Talk to her," Henry said. "Tell her you know, let her know you are there for her no matter what. She's felt alone in this world long enough because of Siobhan, she shouldn't anymore."

"I will." Henry nodded, a weight lifting off his shoulders as he turned to the door of Andrew's hospital room. He paused when Andrew called his name. He turned, his hand on the handle.

"Thank you," Andrew said.

"For... what?" Henry asked. As far as he was concerned, there was nothing he had done that needed thanking for.

"For giving me hope," Andrew said. "For being honest enough, despite the consequences, and for giving me hope that I am not doing the wrong thing by falling in love with Bridget."

"You... you're welcome, Andrew," Henry said. "I promise you, we will see this to the end. And you can start the life you deserve with Bridget." After a single nod from the other man, Henry opened the door and left.
alexandrajane88 on March 27th, 2012 01:56 am (UTC)
I like it, but I want chapter two, I would like to know what will happen now with Bridget and Andrew,whether she will tell him the truth or he wil tell her first that he know....and so...